Owain James

University of Oxford
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I'm currently completing my DPhil in Theology at Trinity College, University of Oxford. My research is in the history of the Early Church (100-450 AD). I also studied my Masters (MSt) in Theology as St Catherine's College, University of Oxford. Before this, at undergraduate level, I studied History at the University of Exeter (First Class Honours). I am also the founder of Darogan Talent! I am coming to the end of my DPhil, and I am looking for opportunities for after I complete. Born and raised in Cardiff, to a Welsh-speaking family, I am particularly looking for things in south-east Wales. My interests are mainly in media and politics. Please ask for a CV if you would like to know more. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu trwy'r Gymraeg, os hoffech chi!

- Researching (PhD level) - Writing (PhD level) - Public speaking

Work experience:

Alongside my studies, my most important work experience has been as a Junior Dean for Trinity College, a remunerated role responsible for the wellbeing and good order of students in College. I am also the founder of Darogan Talent.

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