Emily Roberts

English Literature
Lancaster University
Graduation Year:
About me:
I am an avid reader, which is probably clear from my degree in English Literature; I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction because I like to learn about subjects outside of my own. My course allowed for flexible study, so I have also completed modules in both Philosophy and Economics, I am quite a flexible person who enjoys having variety and change in my life and work.

Creative Problem solving Time management Surveying and data collection Team management Numeracy Literacy Debate skills Self-starter Effective Communicator Artistically Creative

Work experience:

I have worked two Christmas periods at Sainsburys as a retail assistant. However, my main experience comes not from my retail experience, but rather from my many years working with the Green Academies Project at Erddig (in North Wales), which granted me many opportunites to work with adults, teenagers, and disadvantaged youths in both leadership and team roles. I was also lucky enough to have been selected to represent the charity in a meeting with Lesley Griffis in Cardiff to discuss the environmental law making process and the place for green spaces.

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