M.Sc international management
Swansea University
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Recent MSc International Management graduate with a solid foundation in marketing management, international business strategy, human resource management, and operations management in international markets. Experienced Validation Analyst at Ford Motor Company, specializing in pricing analysis and data management, including auditing pro-forma invoices, ensuring pricing accuracy, and maintaining S-Ox documents. Proficient in Microsoft Office, utilizing Excel for price updates, PowerPoint for project presentations, and Word for generating audit trail errors. A collaborative team player with excellent communication skills and a positive attitude. Known for quick learning ability and a commitment to personal growth and development, demonstrated through achievements in the National Conference on women empowerment and participating in a mock annual general meeting. Eager to apply skills and contribute to an organization's success, seeking a new opportunity for career advancement.

• Price validation and analysis. • Audit trail verification. • Invoice generation and accuracy. • Microsoft Office proficiency (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) • Finding the errors in the invoices. • Maintaining the documents. • Attention to detail. • Analytical skills. • Ability to work collaboratively with other teams. • Quick learner. • Self-motivated. • Positive attitude. • Effective communication skills. • Project presentation skills. • Data analysis and accuracy. • Time management.

Work experience:

KINGS HEAD INN April 2022 (Part Time) KITCHEN ASSISTANT Swansea, United Kingdom • Experienced kitchen assistant to the head chef in a fast-paced restaurant environment. • Well-trained in making pizza and proficient in plating dishes to serve customers, ensuring high-quality presentations. • Developed excellent customer service skills by occasionally serving customers and taking their orders, leading to enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. • Skilled closing staff, responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen, arranging items back in their respective places, and managing food inventory. • Proficient in recording and maintaining food expiry dates, as well as clearing out old stocks to reduce waste and ensure fresh ingredients. • Clean and well-organized kitchen for efficiency and safety. BAY BISTRO AND COFFEE HOUSE Aug – Sep 2022(Part Time) KITCHEN ASSISTANT & SERVER Swansea, United Kingdom • Experienced with a dual role as a kitchen assistant and server in a cafe and restaurant setting. • Assisted the head chef by helping with the order checklists and preparing cold food and toasties for customer orders. • Customer service skills by serving and interacting with customers, ensuring their needs and preferences, engaged with customers to inquire if they desired anything else, knowing their experience and satisfaction. • Maintained records of food dates to ensure freshness and safety, along with efficiently clearing and organizing expired foods and rearranging stocks. • Cleaning and clearing the used customer tables, ensuring a neat and tidy dining environment. FORD MOTOR COMPANY September 2020 – December 2021 VALIDATION ANALYST • Audit the accuracy of pro-forma invoices. it involves carefully reviewing and validating the invoices to ensure that they are accurate and aligned with the relevant information and documentation. The goal is to identify any inconsistencies, errors, in the invoices and take necessary actions to correct them. • Record findings. Review the pro-forma invoices and compare them against the relevant information and documents such as orders and pricing data. Record any error during the review process. • Ensure closure with correction: After identified any errors, work with the necessary teams or departments to correct the errors. This may involve updating the pricing, quantities, or any other relevant information on the pro-forma invoice. • Audit Trail Verification: Verify that the corrections made to the pro-forma invoices are properly documented and can be traced back to the original findings. This ensures transparency and provides an audit trail for future reference. • Sample Invoice for Verification: Select a sample of pro-forma invoices to cross-verify the accuracy of the corrections made. • Verify Billing Images: verify the billing images and match the corresponding orders and prices. This step ensures that all visual elements of the invoices are accurate and consistent. • Follow-up with the Analyst: Collaborate with the relevant analyst or team to address and resolve any open issues or concerns regarding the auditing process and ensure that all identified issues are adequately addressed and closed. • Maintain S-Ox Documents: Make sure all relevant documents and records are properly maintained and accessible for audit purposes. • Generating the Invoice: generate invoices accurately in accordance with the established pricing guidelines and procedures. Double-check all relevant information before generating the invoice to ensure its accuracy.

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