Tyla Pugh

University of Oxford
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About me:
I am a fascinated and diligent student, in their second year of reading Biochemistry, at Trinity college, Oxford. This academically rigorous course has supplied me not only with detailed theoretical knowledge of Biochemistry, but also a very broad set of practical skills: spanning a wide range of wet lab and computational methods. My studies have solidified my interest in my subject, and I am eager to gain experience in the working lab in order to understand what it truly means to pursue a career in research and development.

To name a few: With regards to computational methods, I have completed assignments using R, PyMol, ChemDraw and the PDB, BLAST, and Jalview In the wet lab, I have completed a large number of practicals involving skills with western blotting, chemical synthesis, spectrophotometry, recombinant technique, protein purification, just to name a few. Outside of the lab, tutorials have thoroughly developed my communication skills and have forced me to effectively problem solve under pressure. Not to mention the workload has taught me how to effectively manage and organise my time

Work experience:

• Crickhowell High School (2021-2022): one-on-one tutoring Biology and Chemistry to struggling GCSE students, all of whom who passed their GCSE examinations. Occasionally taught to small groups of 2-3. • Yummy Kitchen (2022): worked with customers both in person and over the phone, communicating with them to receive orders, take payments and complete deliveries. • Ebbw Fawr Learning Community (2023): delivered a series of talks to large groups of students (20-70) with regards to being the first student from the school to attend “Oxbridge”. • Oxford Biochemistry Dept. (2023): undertook a short shadowing experience in the Lynne Cox laboratory, which focusses on understanding and combatting cell senescence and ageing, exploring the various methods used to research this. • Music performer (2015-present): have been a core member of several independent music productions, not limited to professional live performance but also studio productions. Both types of products required marketing and advertising as well as detailed organisation. • Oxford Tutors (2023 – present) tutoring students in Biology, Chemistry and Maths; developing communication skills so that complex topics can be explained effectively and often forcing myself to reconsider the concept from first principles.

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