Thomas Henderson

University of Bath
Graduation Year:
About me:
I am an enthusiastic undergraduate with a keen interest in stem and developmental biology. My academic journey is fueled by hands-on lab experiences which are challenging yet rewarding. Beyond the bench, I am also passionate about honing my bioinformatics skills, recognising the powerful synergy between traditional molecular biology and novel computational approaches.

My practical skill set, honed through hands-on experience, is anchored in molecular biology, encompassing areas like recombinant protein production, mammalian cell culture, and analytical techniques including western blotting and FACS analysis. Beyond the bench, I am proficient in utilizing R Studio for bioinformatics, particularly in RNAseq analysis. Additionally, my academic journey and placement have provided numerous opportunities to polish my presentation and public speaking skills, further enhancing my scientific communication abilities.

Work experience:

I completed a year-long placement as a Student Research Assistant within two distinguished academic research labs at the University of Illinois. My focus was on the cutting-edge fields of iPSC reprogramming and the hematopoietic stem cell niche, where I contributed to advancing our understanding of these critical areas co-authoring two scientific papers.

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