Beca Owen

Liverpool John Moores University
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About me:
I am an undergraduate Psychology student in my final year in Liverpool John Moores University. One of my strongest skills are my professional communication skills. I can write emails and reports in a professional and clear way and can also verbally express myself competently. I developed these skills while working in hospitality, as I communicated with customers and with the team daily to ensure no customer dissatisfaction. Working as a server also improved my intercultural competence, therefore I will be able to appropriately communicate with staff and customers. I am also a creative individual, coming up with new ideas and solutions in many situations. Time management skills are my strongpoint, ensuring that I don’t miss any deadlines and reach important goals on time. I manage my time sufficiently in a way that guarantees the important goals are prioritized and completed on time. I am accustomed to working well with others, accepting criticism and working well under pressure.

Critical Thinking – I am able to identify patterns and form key relations while processing new information swiftly. While thinking critically, I ensure I am formulating a question, gathering and registering the information, considering the implications, but also remembering to explore other viewpoints to form an accurate judgment. Professional Communication – I can clearly communicate in small and large-scale groups, while also ensuring I can clearly express myself in emails and reports. To achieve this, I ensure I am re-reading my work before sending it out or am practicing before a presentation to guarantee there isn’t any misinterpretation. I developed my communication skills while working as a server, as I had to communicate with both the customers and the team to ensure customer satisfaction. Through this I also developed intercultural competence, meaning I can also communicate with individuals from different cultures appropriately. Creativity – I can create ideas that are adaptive and original and can find innovative and new solutions to acute problems. I work on my creativity through engaging in miscellaneous adventures and venturing out of my comfort zone to clear the way for creative thinking. Time Management – I manage and plan my time throughout the day in order to achieve my goals. I evaluate my priorities and ensure the important tasks take precedence. In psychology there may be multiple deadlines I need to reach in time, which is where this skill is useful. I developed this skill while working in the hospitality industry, managing time and multitasking to provide for customers in a timely manner. Meditation - I attended weekly Reiki sessions for a period of 6 months as a form of energy healing to benefit the mind and body and bring a sense of inner peace. I also went to hypnotherapy sessions on a weekly basis for the same period, which used an altered state of consciousness to produce focused attention and increased suggestibility. Committing to these regular sessions of Reiki and Hypnotherapy increased my ability to solitarily meditate, leading to better overall emotional well-being and greater memory, attention, and learning skills. IT Skills – I am well-educated in the use of Microsoft office services such as powerpoint and word. These services are practical when drafting an important report or email, or when writing essays or presentations. I am also trained in the usage of SPSS statistical software, which is useful for multivariate analyzing and data management. I am proficient in the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and therefore work well with marketing.

Work experience:

2019 - 2023 Hafan Y Môr Holiday Park, Pwllheli Waitress Gained experience managing time and effectively multi-tasking while looking after various tables in a national chain restaurant Memorized countless menu items and rotated specials to present customers with customized recommendations Greeted new and returning customers and built relationships with regular customers that owned caravans on site Acquired the ability to handle disgruntled customers and increased customer satisfaction Provided reliable customer service and developed a strong work ethic Developed intercultural competence, leading to appropriate and effective communication with individuals from diverse backgrounds Completed training such as health and safety, food and hygiene etc. Maintained strict cleanliness in accordance with latest COVID-19 guidelines, while enforcing social distancing to ensure customer satisfaction and employee safety

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