Alacrity Entrepreneurship Programme

Tech incubation

Have you ever thought about starting your own business but struggled to find an idea or product market fit, co-founders and funding? Well at Alacrity we deliver a unique 15-month programme that provides graduates with practical business training, software skills and mentoring so that they can develop as entrepreneurs and launch their own UK based technology companies.

Throughout the programme we cover all the disciplines that are necessary for the creation of a successful company. This includes a 5-week tech bootcamp followed by a business bootcamp. Our graduates won’t just learn about the importance of marketing, but they’ll learn how to do it. Our entire curriculum is based around providing practical skills with real world application.

We have an exceptional network of 100+ experienced mentors, drawn from a range of businesses. These mentors, many of whom are leaders in their sectors, give their time to share their expert knowledge and experience.

In addition to skills and mentoring you will get paid to learn – we provide a monthly tax free stipend of £1,500 throughout the 15 months. In addition to this we work with an investment company to provide successful teams with £250,000 equity investment at the end of the programme.

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